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Democrats Just Commemorated Trump’s Failed 100 Days With A BRUTAL Video

Democrats Just Commemorated Trump’s Failed 100 Days With A BRUTAL Video

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The leadership staff for Senate Democrats rolled out a new video today that highlights the blizzard of broken promises that is President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

The video relies entirely on Trump’s own words and third party accounts of the results (or lack thereof) that he has gotten so far.

“He has one broken promise after another broken promise after another broken promise,” Morning Joe host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough says.

The video goes on to recount Trump’s litany of failures and hypocrisy, including healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, China, and his Muslim ban before turning to the pathetic debacle that his regime has become.

One commentator spoke of “these aides at each other’s throats, constantly in the press, and it’s this cacophony of bad news.”

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Another pointed out the obvious truth, that, “at the end of this first 100 days, they are likely to have no legislative achievements.”

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And while no one outside of the very wealthiest Americans is benefitting from this disastrous presidency, one observer noted the cruel irony of the Americans being most harmed:

“The Trump Administration has repeatedly unveiled policies that almost seem designed to brutalize his core constituencies — the older, blue-collar, rural Americans who make up a key part of his base.”

While the realities of today’s White House can be depressing to say the least, it is encouraging to see that Senate Democrats — like millions around the country — are taking off the gloves and fighting back.

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