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Ivanka Trump Just Commemorated The Holocaust And It Blew Up In Her Face

Ivanka Trump Just Commemorated The Holocaust And It Blew Up In Her Face

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Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, where the world reflects on the six million Jews and five million other victims of the Nazi Holocaust. It is also the day that the Armenian Genocide began in 1923 when the Turkish Ottoman Empire began rounding up Armenian intellectuals, eventually slaughtering over a million people.

The Trump administration managed to avoid openly infuriating anyone today with their press releases, but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that the Trump administration is staffed by anti-Semites and has dabbled in Holocaust denial on multiple occasions.

Trump also very publicly refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide today, pandering to the sensitivity of the Turks, who are laying the groundwork for yet another genocide against the Kurds in southwest Turkey. 

For those reasons, Ivanka Trump received an earful of criticism today when she tweeted out a standard press release honoring the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

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Ironically, it wasn’t just liberals who were upset at the Trump’s decision to acknowledge the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Trump’s neo-Nazi and white supremacist supporters were very angry at the Trump family’s acknowledgment of Jewish Holocaust victims and felt betrayed by Trump’s half-hearted proclamation.

Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer complained that “our President is being held hostage by vicious Jews” and ironically listed all the reasons that people are furious at him for his remarks today.

You remember when he gave the Holocaust Day message that didn’t include the Jews? You remember when it then came out that Jews tried to include Jews in the Holocaust Day message and the White House blocked it and said they didn’t want Jews to be mentioned? Do you remember when Donald Trump lobbied to take “anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis” off the extremist list?

In the words of his own supporters, this is how Trump really feels about the Jewish victims of the Holocaust – and Ivanka Trump, one of the few people Trump actually listens to, hasn’t done anything to change his behavior. The hypocrisy is appalling.

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