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Senate Republicans Were Just Busted Sabotaging The Trump-Russia Investigation

Senate Republicans Were Just Busted Sabotaging The Trump-Russia Investigation

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It seems Republicans will stop at nothing to keep the truth about Trump’s ties to Russia from the American people.

With the House Intelligence Committee investigation finally back on track after the recusal of Rep. Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), it has now been revealed that Republicans are quietly sabotaging the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into President Trump and his potentially treasonous collusion with Russian agents during the 2016 election.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, led by chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), has accomplished nothing in the three months it’s been ostensibly investigating the serious accusations leveled against the Trump camp.

The Daily Beast has discovered that there isn’t a full-time staffer assigned to the investigation, and the seven staffers who are working on the case do not have any investigative experience, nor a background in Russian affairs. Not a single lawyer is assigned to the case.

This is obviously inadequate.

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“To do a serious investigation would require not less than a dozen full-time staffers… [with] counterintelligence, prosecutorial skills to do it, and people who have a very good sense of the forensic accounting world of Russia and Europe. Without that sort of expertise, you’re not going to get anywhere. I don’t think they’re deploying the resources that are necessary to do a real investigation” says anti-corruption attorney Scott Horton.

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The committee has yet to conduct a single interview and Chairman Burr is reportedly refusing to sign any letters from Democrats demanding the issuing of subpoenas for the purpose of interviewing. 

The revelations are deeply upsetting because Senator Burr had been very vocal about his desire to see conduct a proper investigation and to get the American people the answers we demand, giving us hope that perhaps there were some Republicans left who could be trusted to do their jobs.

At a joint press conference last month, Burr promised that his role as investigator overrides “any personal beliefs that I have or loyalties that I might have.”

But it’s clear now that like President Trump, Burr was just talking loudly to hide the fact that he’s just a partisan hack who has accomplished nothing in the first hundred days of the presidency.

The entire Republican Party is conspiring to shield Donald Trump from the consequences of his actions and is putting their party over the integrity of our nation’s electoral processes. We need a special prosecutor and an independent team to get to the bottom of this, since the Republican Party clearly can’t be trusted to get anything done on their own.

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