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Trump Just Terrified Schoolchildren On A Livestream

Trump Just Terrified Schoolchildren On A Livestream

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What should have been an educative livestream for children across the country instead devolved into another incident of Trumpian fear-mongering nonsense.

Trump, who was supposed to be using the broadcast with astronauts aboard the International Space Station to inspire scientific curiosity in America’s youth, somehow managed to segue to war:

“I have to say, there’s tremendous military application in space. We’re rebuilding our military like never before, we’re ordering equipment, and we’re going to have the strongest military that we’ve ever had, the strongest military that the world has ever seen, and there’s been no time that we’ve ever needed it more. And I’m sure that every student watching wants to know what is next for Americans in space,” Trump rambled.

The implication that the next step in space exploration is militarization is not only frightening, but flies in the face of numerous treaties limiting the positioning of weaponry in outer space. Of course, this is just the latest example of Trump’s ignorance of history, foreign affairs, and basic human decency.

To associate NASA with warfare in the minds’ of tomorrow’s leaders is dangerous and irresponsible, even for Trump. If we can’t keep his ignorance out of the White House, can we at least keep it out of our classrooms?

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