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Ivanka Trump Just Repped U.S. In A Women’s Panel. Lizz Winstead’s Response Is Great.

Ivanka Trump Just Repped U.S. In A Women’s Panel. Lizz Winstead’s Response Is Great.

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Ivanka’s incompetent role in the Trump administration was just systematically dismantled by Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show. Winstead, also the founder of Lady Parts Justice, is a wonderful example of what a strong women’s activist really looks like. (Video Below)

Winstead minced no words when asked by MSNBC’s  Ali Veshi for her thoughts on the heiress’s presence at a Berlin women’s panel.  With the stark exception of Ivanka:

“All of the women on that stage got there because they actually had to in some way, shape, or form create policies that worked.”

Ivanka has become infamous for giving lip service to women’s issues, without taking any meaningful action to improve them. In this way she acts as a shield against legitimate criticism of the administration. Trump and his cronies can point to Ivanka as a moderating, pro-women influence in the White House when in reality she does nothing.

Winstead made the extremely salient point that female economic freedom is directly tied to access to birth control, especially for the young or impoverished. In addition to his virulent rhetorical misogyny, Donald Trump has also been waging war against a woman’s right to choose, with particular ire aimed at Planned Parenthood. Ivanka has completely failed to be an advocate for the organization.

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Winstead continued:

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“And so for her to be one of the one number advocates in the era of this person who is completely tone deaf on women’s issues, especially in the wake of putting Planned Parenthood in a wall, into a budget government shutdown crisis, it does us no service. She does no service to any women.”

Winstead offered Ivanka some good parting advice:

“…she should probably go back to her clothing line business.”

Kudos to Winstead. It’s about time someone exposed Ivanka and her father’s misogynist masquerade.

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