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Keith Olbermann Just Revealed Trump’s Latest ‘Impeachable Offense’

Keith Olbermann Just Revealed Trump’s Latest ‘Impeachable Offense’

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With all of the chaos coming from the White House and Congress, Keith Olbermann is worried that people missed the bombshell recently dropped on CNN. But Olbermann did not miss it, and he wants to make sure America is paying attention, because it is the kind of thing that topples regimes. (Video below.)

That bombshell came from Carl Bernstein, one of the two journalists who exposed Watergate. Cluttered by a slew of panelists, Bernstein told interviewers:

“There is serious belief in the FBI, in the Congressional committees in the House and the Senate, that there is an active cover-up going on, involving trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump Campaign, and what happened in their associations with Russians.”

Olbermann correctly observes that in history’s most devastating scandals, it was not the event that brought down world leaders but the cover-up that followed. That Bernstein, who has brought down one president already, believes that we may once again be in the midst of an active presidential cover-up, leads Olbermann to the conclusion that this alone is an impeachable — regardless of the facts being concealed.

After reminding his audience about the major players and misdeeds already known in the Russian Trump collusion soap opera, Olbermann renews calls for an independent prosecutor, suggesting that it will be the number one issue in mid-term campaigns.

The video is not to be missed and makes the key point that Trump’s presidency could be undone not by past crimes but by the ones he continues to commit.

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