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Trump Just Got Caught Rewarding Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas

Trump Just Got Caught Rewarding Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas

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Trump’s entire campaign image was built upon the promise that he would be an advocate for the American worker. It’s little surprise that image turned out to be a sinister illusion. Since taking office, Trump has continued to allow a steady stream of government contracts to go to corporations actively offshoring American jobs.

A study released jointly by  Good Jobs Nation and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch broke down the data:

A disturbing 56% of the top 50 government contractors continue to offshore American jobs.

That number stays at a whopping 41% if you expand the criteria to the top 100 contractors. One might expect that 0% of companies receiving federal contracts would be allowed to ship off jobs, but that would require one to believe the campaign promises of the pathologically lying Trump.

As president, Trump has the power under the Procurement Act of 1949 to dictate rules and regulations for the administration of government contracts. Either he doesn’t want to take action to stop offshoring, or he’s ignorant of the powers of his office. With Trump, either scenario is plausible.

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The report also says, “Together, the top-100 commercial contractors have been certified under TAA as having shifted at least 58,913 American jobs abroad.”

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Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a naive and simplistic understanding of global economics, but a key axiom of his worldview could be summarized as: American jobs good, offshoring bad. It turns out he likes the way it sounds, but intends to do absolutely nothing about it.

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