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Trump Voters Just Turned On Each Other On Live TV

Trump Voters Just Turned On Each Other On Live TV

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This morning, CNN offered a moment of hilarity at the expense of President Donald Trump’s supporters. As part of their 100 Days coverage, CNN convened a panel of Trump voters and asked them various questions regarding their opinions on how the president’s first 100 days have gone.

It got very tense, very quickly.

The topic of discussion was Trump’s much-publicized change of heart with regards to NATO. Some of the panel were making excuses for this u-turn, arguing that, as a presidential candidate, he didn’t have as much access to information as he does now.

Some of the pathetic excuses for Trump’s ignorance included:

I think he was as informed as they could make him.

He wasn’t the president [at the time].

However, disillusioned Trump voter Scott McCommons didn’t like the cognitive dissonance on display, and snapped at his fellow guests.

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That’s not true! He goes behind closed doors just like President Obama did… he gets first-hand information just like everybody else does!

Panelists argued back, uttering the same argument that Trump didn’t have access to the type of information he does now. Never mind the fact that, as a candidate, he would have received briefings from the intelligence community and his own foreign policy advisers on the topic of U.S. military alliances.

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“That’s a bunch of crap,” McCommons rightly replied, “That’s a bunch of crap, and you all know it!”

They did know it. They just didn’t want to admit it.

It’s no surprise that this group of Trump voters are turning on one another. After all the grand promises Trump made during the election, he’s fallen short on most of them, including his wall and his Muslim ban. That’s going to piss off at least of few of your voters.

Watch the full video below:

WATCH: Disillusioned Trump voter tears apart… by sarahburris

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