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A FOX News Poll On Trump’s First 100 Days Just Backfired ‘Bigly’

A FOX News Poll On Trump’s First 100 Days Just Backfired ‘Bigly’

Here at Occupy Democrats, we typically don’t take opinion polls too seriously.  We know they broadly reflect the slant of the outlet that’s reporting them, or their audience, and so they’re rarely newsworthy.

But then there are days like today.  Fox News just released the results of its poll on President Trump’s first 100 days – and it completely flips their own script.

We expected the FOX Poll to be more favorable to the President than those of other more neutral media outlets, and it is.  But that’s about the nicest thing we can say on the home fans’ assessment.  FOX has his approval rating at 46%, about 5-6 percentage points higher than the historically low figure from other outlets like Gallup.  From there, the numbers get absolutely ugly.

Buried about 2/3 of the way into FOX News’ own analysis of their polling is this lovely admission:

Some 36 percent of voters would vote to re-elect Trump.  Fifty-five percent wouldn’t, including 47 percent who say they’d “definitely” vote for someone else.  

For comparison, 64 percent of Obama voters said they’d definitely re-elect him in 2009, and his overall re-elect number was 52 percent at this stage.


President Trump has been a steadfast champion of Fox News.  He’s also been a fervent critic of news agencies that publish polls that paint him negatively, labeling them ‘fake news.’

After today, something has to give.

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