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Republicans Just Prioritized Their Own Healthcare Over Americans’

Republicans Just Prioritized Their Own Healthcare Over Americans’

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House Republicans have been working hard behind closed doors to amend their horrifically botched attempt at repealing Obamacare in March. They have worsened the bill to such an extent that have snuck in an amendment that explicitly excludes congresspeople from the devastating Trumpcare bill.

This is an admission by House Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), that if Trumpcare passes it will decimate critical healthcare protections from tens of millions of Americans.

Leslie Dach, director of the Protect Our Care Campaign, puts it perfectly:

“The best evidence yet that the new GOP repeal plan is a disaster for people’s health care is that the GOP exempted Members of Congress from living under it.”

The latest changes to the bill give states the ability to repeal the most fundamental guarantees of Obamacare: that insurers cannot discriminate against people with pre-existing health conditions, and that insurance plans must cover several basic services.

These protections are essential to receiving high quality care and Republicans know this. That’s why they are unwilling to give them up even as they throw their own constituents under the bus.

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Before Obamacare, Americans with pre-existing conditions were pushed to the bottom of society. They were denied health insurance and, even if they managed to secure a plan, their finances were decimated by extortionate costs.

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Insurers exploited Americans by selling expensive plans that didn’t cover basic services like emergency room visits. They used deceptive tactics to convince their customers that their plans were adequate.

This latest move speaks volumes about the exquisite selfishness and hypocrisy of Republican politicians. They are willing to do great harm to everyday Americans – as long as they get to keep their cushy lifestyles.

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