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Doctors & Hospitals Just Came Out Against The New Trumpcare

Doctors & Hospitals Just Came Out Against The New Trumpcare

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Trump and the Republican Party, desperate to show their base that they’ve accomplished anything at all in their first 100 days in power, have conceded to the nihilistic hardliners in the House Freedom Caucus and added an amendment to the already once-failed American Healthcare Act (“Trumpcare”) that would remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions and strip out mandated coverage requirements.

Horrified Democrats have already threatened to shut down the government if they try to ram through this heartless corporate handout masquerading as a “healthcare bill.” Hospitals and medical associations around the nation have erupted in protest at the Republican plan.

Today, the Hill reports that “the American Hospital Association (AHA), American Medical Association (AMA) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) all denounced the revised bill.”

“We are deeply concerned that the AHCA would result in millions of Americans losing their current health insurance coverage.Nothing in the MacArthur amendment remedies the shortcomings of the underlying bill” says AMA President Dr. James Madara.

The AARP went even further, saying that “this harmful legislation still puts an Age Tax on older Americans and puts vulnerable populations at risk through a series of backdoor deals that attempts to shift responsibility to states.”

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But it was the Catholic Hospitals of America that really took the GOP to task for their needlessly cruel efforts to extort the American people in exchange for their healthcare.

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It is critically important to look at this bill for what it is. It is not in any way a health care bill.  Rather, it is legislation whose aim is to take significant funding allocated by Congress for health care for very low income people and use that money for tax cuts for some of our wealthiest citizens.  This is contrary to the spirit of who we are as a nation, a giant step backward that should be resisted.

Indeed, the Trump and the Republican Party appear to be engaging in full-on class warfare on behalf of their wealthy overlords. The “tax plan” released yesterday would funnel billions of dollars to the wealthiest Americans while putting the burden to pay for the losses on the middle class; these efforts to strip us of our health insurance so they can sell it back to us piece by piece and collect a tidy profit is just more evidence that the Republican Party no longer exists for any other purpose than to enrich their corporate

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