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This Farmer Is Going Broke, And He Blames President Trump

This Farmer Is Going Broke, And He Blames President Trump

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In their special week-long series, “Red Purple Blue: First 100 Days,” CNN interviewed a farmer who was hit especially hard by President Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric and policies.

The CNN reporter interviewed Joel des Boscaya, a California farmer, who was not able to attract enough workers to work on his farm. “We can grow the crops,” he said, “but not pick them.” When Trump began hinting at mass deportations and a border wall, his workforce all but evaporated.

When asked about other immigrant coworkers, one of Boscaya’s farmhands, a young Mexican immigrant, said, “They’re scared to go out, scared to go to the store because they think Immigration’s rolling around.”

With his bottom line in jeopardy, Boscaya’s problems are only going to get worse as Trump continues his un-American assault on immigration. With countless other farmers around the country facing similar issues, this is likely to be the first of a myriad of other problems these farmers will face under the reckless leadership of Donald Trump.

Watch the entire segment below:

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