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Alabama Just Brought Back School Segregation

Alabama Just Brought Back School Segregation

Race relations continue to deteriorate under President Trump. It’s become increasingly apparent that his racist, xenophobic rhetoric is doing lasting damage to the country.

The Washington Post reports that an Alabama Judge just ruled that a white city may secede from its racially diverse school district.

The ruling by the Birmingham U.S. District Court allows the city of Gardendale, Alabama to secede from its larger, diverse school district to create its own. Gardendale is 88% white and wealthier than most neighboring cities. Its removal from the district will drastically reduce funding to the public school system.

Judge Madeline Haikala said the secession was racially motivated, that it could hinder desegregation, and would “assail the dignity of black schoolchildren,” but still ruled in its favor.

The Judge’s weak excuse was that blocking the ruling could cause angry white parents to blame black students, and that parents should have a larger say in how their school district is set up.

U.W. Clemons, the attorney who opposed the motion on behalf of black plaintiffs, said the ruling has already led other white majority regions in the district to discuss secession.

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The unfair and illegal motion was opposed by the Obama Justice Department, but the Trump Justice Department has refused to comment on the ruling.

Hopefully, the ruling will be appealed and summarily overturned. In the meantime, Trump’s America has taken another racist step into the past.

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