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Ex-Secret Service Agent Just Revealed How Trump Is Driving Them Nuts

Ex-Secret Service Agent Just Revealed How Trump Is Driving Them Nuts

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The Twit-in-Chief’s Twitter rants have long been one of his least presidential habits, and now they’re starting to cost the taxpayers. Politico reports that Trump’s overactive presence on the social media platform is making it difficult for the Secret Service to do their jobs, as it’s led to an unprecedented influx of threats.

Dan Bongino, a Secret Service agent for presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama explained:

“The Twitter thing is creating a lot of hassles. It’s generated a tidal wave of threats that the Secret Service can’t ignore.” Bongino continued: “By necessity they have to triage what’s credible and what’s not and it’s tough to do by just looking at a 140-character tweet.”

The nature of social media has given the illusion of removing the barrier between the president and the people, and the would-be Oswalds and Booths are flocking to it.

“It’s an arithmetic impossibility to interview every single person who sends a threat. It’s not possible,” Bongino said.

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Trump’s selfish insistence on visiting Mar-A-Lago constantly is also adding strain to the agency, and soon they’ll have to add expensive additional security to the Florida estate. Trump’s costly visits are starting to make it just as likely a target for attacks as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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The Washington Post previously revealed that the Secret Service requested a boost of $60 million to their $2 billion budget to adequately balance out Trump’s irresponsible behavior. $30 million of that request was needed to reinforce Trump Tower, another of his proxy White Houses.

Trump has already lost us an enormous amount of respect around the world. Now he’s losing us an enormous amount of money.

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