Trump Just Whined About His Hard Job. Bush’s Speechwriter’s Response Is EPIC

No one would accuse the man who served as George W. Bush’s first presidential speechwriter of being a liberal. Still, David Frum has been a vocal and powerful critic of President Trump, both for his many conflicts of interest and his total lack of preparedness for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Today’s report that Trump thought the job of being President would be “easier,” and that he missed his old life, seems to have set Frum off. Now a senior editor at The Atlantic, Frum responded to the story with a frustrated tweet that, at first, appeared to be a one-off:

Then, two minutes later, he tweeted another couple of salient points, followed by an observation about Trump’s ignorance two minutes after that, which seemed to be the end of it.

But Frum was just getting started. What follows is an epic litany of Trump’s complete futility and lack of fitness for the office he holds. Some of these are major causes for concern, others hilarious. Each is worth a read, and together they paint an accurate and troubling picture of the man who thinks he’s running the free world.

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