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Bill Maher Just Confronted Elizabeth Warren About A 2020 Run On His Show

Bill Maher Just Confronted Elizabeth Warren About A 2020 Run On His Show

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After storming onto the national stage as of late, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appeared as the headlining guest on Real Time With Bill Maher and did not disappoint.

Warren started off the segment by praising Americans for their barrage of calls and e-mails to their representatives in Congress, beating back “the worst assault on healthcare in the history of America. And it didn’t happen.” She continued, “What we had are our voices, and we got out there and made them heard in Washington.”

While Trump and Republicans in Congress were attempting to pass their healthcare bill, the AHCA, Warren served as a staunch opponent, citing the elimination of coverage for pre-existing conditions and the loss of healthcare for 24 million Americans.

From healthcare, Warren charged right into the economy, on which her latest book, This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle To Save America’s Middle Class, is based.

“Nearly 100 percent of new income growth in this country goes to the top 10%,” she said. “That’s why I wrote this book, because we gotta get in there and fight back. We gotta take back this country.”

Maher, of course, pressed Warren. The host claimed that, although Trump’s new tax plan was the most “brazen” in favor of the wealthy – “This one doesn’t even pretend. It’s just about ‘Wouldn’t it be great if rich people didn’t pay taxes?’” – when the President goes to his rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania tomorrow, his fans “are still with him; they’re not with” Warren.

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Warren pounced right back.

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“Actually, I’m going to push back. I disagree with you… When you talk about what’s really the basic pieces of a progressive agenda, raise the minimum wage, expand social security, reduce the cost of college… more, not less regulation, progressive taxation, make those at the top pay their fair share… Americans, by about two to one, are with us on that. The progressive agenda is America’s agenda.”

Warren then went on to make what seemed like a very presidential case to the American people; truly a woman of the people, for the people.

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“I am the daughter of a janitor, who ended up as a professor at Harvard Law School and as a United States Senator because America invested in kids like me. I recognize that those opportunities today are lost. They are gone. And so the question for me is how are we going to rebuild that America? How are we going to get enough people together to say that democracy is going to work again, that this is not going to be a country run by and for rich people only. It’s going to be a country run for the rest of us.”

Bill Maher then said what everyone in that audience, and across the country, was thinking.

“And they need a leader. I gotta say, when you talk, people get very excited… Donald Trump today was talking about running against you next time. No pressure.”

Senator Warren simply smiled and let Maher do the talking. While she had been quick to fire back at Maher throughout the interview, at no point did she discourage his suggestion that Warren be the “leader” that Democrats need. For Warren, saying nothing, then, is more powerful than saying nothing at all.

Watch the entire segment below, beginning at the 6:40 mark.

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