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A Republican Congressional Candidate Just Embarrassed Herself On A Hot Mic

A Republican Congressional Candidate Just Embarrassed Herself On A Hot Mic

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow found footage online that she was not supposed to find.

Karen Handel, the Republican candidate in Georgia’s 6th District, had posted several videos on the internet that were supposed to be found by her PAC, which would then use the footage as b-roll, with no audio, in ads. The audio, however, was left in the footage.

Handel can be heard speaking nonsensically, referencing various types of margaritas and even saying, “I wanted to bark at you the way I get barked at.” At one point in a conversation, Handel is speaking with a man about him putting wax in his nose.

While candidates cannot directly communicate with their PACs, they can simply “leave” footage online that can then be “found” by those PACs. The audio is duly eliminated, as the point of such b-roll is to capture the best facial expressions for that particular ad.

Another reason the audio is eliminated, though, is so that the internet does not get its hands on a candidate for office saying the words, “taco-ria tsunami.”

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Handel will face against the energized Jon Ossoff in a June 20th runoff to replace Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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Watch the entire segment on Maddow’s show below:

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