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Trump Just Blamed Another Country For His Russian Hacking

Trump Just Blamed Another Country For His Russian Hacking

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While multiple U.S. intelligence agencies have verified that the Russian government was responsible for the hacking of Democratic National Committee servers during the 2016 election, Trump still has his own doubts.

In an interview with CBS’ “Face The Nation” host John Dickerson, Trump tried to deflect the blame from Russia, for whom there is evidence of a hack, to China, for whom there is none.

When asked for his thoughts on the fact that Russia meddled in the election, Trump said:

“…knowing something about hacking, if you don’t catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it’s very hard to say who did the hacking. With that being said, I’ll go along with Russia. Could’ve been China, could’ve been a lot of different groups.”

Dickerson continued to press the President:

JOHN DICKERSON: So President Donald Trump is ambivalent–


JOHN DICKERSON: –about or not ambivalent, you’re not just not sure?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No. We have to find out what happened. I’d love to find out what happened.

JOHN DICKERSON: But you don’t think it’s the Russians–

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I can tell you one thing. Had nothing to do with us. Had nothing to do with this, and everyone knows it. And by the way, even my enemies on your show said, “We haven’t found anything that the Trump campaign did wrong.”

Of course, Dickerson did not blindly accept Trump’s diffusion of responsibility, saying, “But there is agreement in the intelligence communities and other places and investigative communities on the Hill that Russia was—“ to which Trump replied simply:

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“I’m okay with it.”

He then reverted back to where he feels most comfortable, condemning Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Between his attacks on the former Secretary of State, his incessant campaign-style rallies, and an interminable appetite for golf and vacations, there is little evidence that Trump has accepted the fact that he is already President.

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When evidence finally surfaces, though, that Trump’s campaign did collude with the Russians to influence the outcome of the election, he won’t hold that title much longer.

Watch the entire exchange below, starting at the 19:06 mark.

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