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Elijah Cummings Just Caught Pence In A Lie That Changes Everything

Elijah Cummings Just Caught Pence In A Lie That Changes Everything

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The scandals dogging the White House just won’t go away. The Trump team has been trying desperately to cover up the fact that transition team leader Mike Pence and the rest of the Trump camp were fully aware that disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was operating as a foreign agent during the campaign and the transition period – but appointed him to the most important national security post anyway.

The Trump team tried to argue that it was somehow President Obama’s fault for giving him a security clearance and making him the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012, but fail to mention that President Obama’s staff also forced him to retire early for his unethical behavior.

Ranking House Oversight committee member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), who sent Vice President Mike Pence a letter in November warning him about Flynn’s extracurricular activities in the pay of foreign governments, sent a statement to ShareBlue calling out Pence for undermining our national security by furnishing our nation’s most closely kept secrets to a man they fully well knew was in the pay of not one but two hostile foreign nations.

In addition to being in the press in the fall — well after General Flynn’s last background check — I warned the Vice President directly six months ago about the conflicts created by Lt. General Flynn’s company lobbying on behalf of Turkish interests. It is unclear whether the White House heeded my warnings or did any vetting at all, but it’s clear now that they could have prevented the problems that occurred with Lt. General Flynn. Republicans in Congress are doing a disservice to the White House and our national security interests by not conducting rigorous and serious oversight of the Administration, especially to help catch issues early and address them.

The appointment of Flynn to the NSA post is either an appalling breach of ethic guidelines and a reckless disregard for national security concerns or a show of simply stunning incompetence. When Trump falls, Pence is sure to follow.

Either way, the scandal has definitively entangled Vice-President Mike Pence into the web of lies and potentially treasonous actions that have dogged the Trump White House since the first day of his presidency.

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We cannot allow Pence and the rest of the Trump team to get away with decisions that the right-wing would have burned Hillary Clinton at the stake for – but of course, she would never have made those decisions because Clinton is a true patriot and is not beholden to the oligarchs in the Kremlin.

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h/t to Tommy Christopher @ ShareBlue

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