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Ivanka Just Cited A Women’s Group In Her Book. Their Founder’s Response Is Epic

Ivanka Just Cited A Women’s Group In Her Book. Their Founder’s Response Is Epic

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Ivanka Trump’s second book, Women Who Work, hit bookstores around the nation today and is already generating plenty of controversy. Filled with tone-deaf comments that fail to recognize her own privilege, she is also coming under fire for using the stories of real working women who don’t approve of her complicity in her father’s misogynistic agenda of white supremacy.

The CEO of GirlsWhoCode called out the First Daughter on Twitter this afternoon and demanded that Ivanka not use her story unless she’s going to actually take a stand against her father’s heartless plans and use her position to actually help women in the world, instead of just to advance her own personal brand.

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting more women involved in the male-dominated tech industry by teaching coding to young women.

Ivanka Trump was noticeably silent yesterday when it was announced that her father would be ending Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” program, which helps provide educational opportunities to young women in foreign countries where they are needed the most.

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Ivanka tries to sell herself as a feminist and a women’s rights advocate, but her words have been proven to be empty as she refuses to back up her inspiring platitudes with any kind of concrete action. Ivanka is the one woman in the world who Donald Trump is likely to listen to, and her refusal to use her position to effect any kind of substantial change beyond promoting her personal brand is the height of hypocrisy.

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