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Ivanka Trump Just Released Her New Book About Working Women And It’s RIDICULOUS

Ivanka Trump Just Released Her New Book About Working Women And It’s RIDICULOUS

Ivanka Trump’s upcoming book, “Women Who Work,” is finally in the hands of the press – and some of the statements she made are simply stunning displays of privilege and demonstrate once and for all that her dedication to “women’s empowerment” and “feminism” is nothing but empty feel-good platitudes.

Ivanka writes about how during the stressful presidential campaign she got to spend time with her family and didn’t even have time to have a massage!

“During extremely high-capacity times, like during the campaign, I went into survival mode: I worked and I was with my family; I didn’t do much else. Honestly, I wasn’t treating myself to a massage or making much time for self-care. I wish I could have awoken early to meditate for twenty minutes …”

We wonder how often the women who labor in the Chinese sweatshop that produces Ivanka’s clothing get to have a massage or see their children while working 360 days a year for $1 an hour.

But Ivanka doesn’t stop there. The narcissism that defines her father’s every move is on full display as she laments that she’s somehow perceived as a “superwoman” who sometimes doesn’t have the time to do her hair and even touches dirt:

“I realized that it might be helpful in changing the narrative – even in a small way – to, for example, debunk the superwoman myth by posting a photo that my husband candidly snapped of me digging in the garden with the kids in our backyard, my hair in a messy ponytail, dirt on my cheek.”

Somewhere, the world’s smallest violin can be heard playing “Ivanka’s Lament.” Messy ponytails and not having massages or time to meditate are not real “problems.”

It’s obvious that Ivanka Trump, who was born into wealth and privilege and has had everything handed to her on a gold-plated platter, has absolutely no idea what real working women go through or any real concern for the millions of American women who have to work two jobs just to get by, who haven’t had a massage in years and barely have enough time to see their children at dinnertime.

The fact that she’s making a fortune off the backs of poorly paid Chinese workers while pretending to be a feminist and an advocate for working women is the height of hypocrisy.

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