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The WSJ Just Exposed Jared Kushner Hiding His Wealth From The Public

The WSJ Just Exposed Jared Kushner Hiding His Wealth From The Public

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, was obligated to fill out a government disclosure form when he began his new job. The purpose of the form is to let the government know what assets you have and whether those interests conflict with those of the American people and your new role in the government.

The Wall Street Journal has today revealed that Kushner omitted a few things on his form. Those things include a stake in a real estate company and at least $1 billion in loans.

The loans, from twenty different lenders, are to properties and companies owned by Kushner.

The real estate company is called Cadre, and was co-founded by Kushner, his brother and a man called Ryan Williams in 2014. As a stakeholder in Cadre, Kushner is officially in partnership with Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel and billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

This last part will be a particular sticking point for many Trump fans. George Soros is a regular target of the alt-right and neo-nazis, who accuse him of singlehandedly funding the European migrant crisis, creating Black Lives Matter and trying to swing the US election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

This also represents yet another individual in Trump’s inner circle who has ties to Goldman Sachs.

Kushner’s investment in Cadre is definitely the kind of thing that needs to be disclosed, however experts have told the Wall Street Journal that he has not necessarily broken the rules. There are, however, some perfectly valid concerns about potential conflicts between the public interest and Jared Kushner’s private agenda. Kushner’s lawyer has noted that a revised version of the disclosure form includes his stake in Cadre.

This is yet another example of Trump’s family using the Presidency to bend the rules in their favor or just blatantly ignore them. When will the press and the government start holding these people to account?

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