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George Takei Just Called Out Ivanka Trump For Being Complicit In Daddy’s Extremism

George Takei Just Called Out Ivanka Trump For Being Complicit In Daddy’s Extremism

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The Trump’s have been trying to position First Daughter Ivanka Trump as the smiling face of the family’s brand and regime, even asserting falsely that she is a moderating influence on her father. However, Star Trek star and internet hero, George Takei, is not having it.

With a new book out yesterday, Ivanka continues to position herself as the rare compassionate Trump. With a broadly defined job of special assistant to the President, however, Ivanka has the power to not just talk about issues but do something about them.

So far, her words have not translated into action. As Trump continues to pursue an agenda that derides women and minorities, Ivanka has been notably absent.

Takei took special aim at Trump’s threat to pull out of the Paris climate accord, which would cause irreparable harm to the planet, and a so-called “religious liberty” executive order, which amounts to nothing more than the legalization of LGBT discrimination.

This serves as an important reminder that none of this reckless disregard for the President’s obligations are normal, and we should not treat them that way — no matter whose face they try to put on it. Takei and the rest of the country need to know that Ivanka is more than words. What has she done?

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