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The New York Times Just Revealed That Trump Has Been “Pestering” China’s President

The New York Times Just Revealed That Trump Has Been “Pestering” China’s President

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President Trump likes to tout his “great” relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but it would appear that the great negotiator is already driving his counterpart crazy with his rudeness and his neediness.

Trump says that his relationship with Xi Jinping is “already acclaimed as being something very special, something very different than we’ve ever had.” But it would seem that Trump’s hero worship of Jinping is a one-sided street.

The New York Times just reported that “Mr. Trump’s public effusiveness is barely reciprocated in China:”

Mr. Trump, who likes to do business by phone, is acquiring a reputation for pestering Mr. Xi. He called the Chinese president four days after their summit meeting in Florida last month, saying afterward on Twitter that he had had “a very good call” with Mr. Xi about the “menace of North Korea.”

He called again on April 23. Mr. Paal said he was told by Chinese officials that after that call, Mr. Xi did not appreciate being treated like a midlevel official. Mr. Trump should realize that the Chinese president sets the framework for policies but cannot be expected to keep a checklist of tasks, the officials told him.

Like a particularly self-obsessed and thick-headed frat boy, Trump has apparently mistaken the diplomatic discourse of two nations for some kind of genuine bond between the two men.

Trump is doubtlessly envious of Xi’s stature and importance; the undeniable strength of the Chinese nation, the lack of media criticism, and the absence of public opposition from opposing. But though he may speak loudly of his tremendous relationship with Xi, he’s already wearing out his welcome.

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It does not bode well for the future of this nation to hear that our president is so self-obsessed he has no regard for proper protocol or basic manners.

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