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A Republican Lawmaker Just Proposed Ending Compulsory Schooling

A Republican Lawmaker Just Proposed Ending Compulsory Schooling

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Paul Mosley, a Republican lawmaker, just proposed ending compulsory education by repealing a law mandating that children attend school.

In an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times, Mosley said:

“Education used to be a privilege. People used to believe getting an education was something you had to be privileged to get, that you had to work hard to get. Now we basically force it down everybody’s throats.”

“The number one thing I would like to repeal is the law on compulsory education … I believe education is still a privilege, and the kids who don’t want to be there are a larger distraction to the kids who do want to be there.”

According to the Pew Research Center, out of 71 countries, American students rank 38th math and 24th in science. But the problem, as far as Mosley is concerned, is that there is too much school.

Of course, Mosley continued his unfounded rant against education:

“We’re telling kids they have to go to school, and we put fences around the schools to protect them now, and we give them a meal or two and sometimes send a backpack of food home with them. So now schools are not only tasked with educating our children, but also feeding our children. What happened to the personal responsibility of a parent to feed and educate their kids?”

Just to be clear, Mosley takes issue with that fact that schools have to feed American children while educating them. Before we know it, we might even need school buses to transport them and desks for them to work on!

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Laurie Roberts, a columnist for the Arizona Republic, responded to Mosley’s outlandish proposal:

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Oh the horror, of trying to create an educated citizenry. Of forcing kids to actually learn something, in the hope that they grow up and become able to earn a living, contribute to society and maybe even pay a few taxes …

Much better, I suppose, to let them stay home, ignorant and hungry and so not our problem.

Until someday, when they are …

While Mosley is not only encouraging but proposing legislation aimed at imbuing America’s youth with ignorance, it is time for the voters of Arizona to teach this uninformed politician a lesson – before he eliminates them for our children.

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