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Spicer Was Just Asked About Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby. His Answer Is Disturbing

Spicer Was Just Asked About Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby. His Answer Is Disturbing

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Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt appeal for the government to maintain the Affordable Care Act has been on the minds of many Americans this week. Even president Obama reached out to Kimmel over the monologue.

Today, Sean Spicer addressed Kimmel’s story about his newborn son with the usual sleazy avoidance:

“We share that concern for the Kimmel’s child as well as any child that needs care. And it’s frankly why the president fought so hard like he did this morning to improve the bill to make sure that there was that extra layer of protection for anybody with a preexisting condition no matter their stage in life. That’s why we’re fighting so hard for this.”

As is usual for the Trump regime, the comments are manipulative and misleading. Republicans have been trying to remove protections for pre-existing coverage and replace them with disastrous high risk pools. Trump has said he’ll maintain the Obama-era coverage, but many Republicans are opposed to it.

“We’ve got a health care system that’s not doing what it’s supposed to. It’s failing,” Spicer lied. The government should be focused on strengthening Obamacare, and eventually expanding it to single-payer system. Instead their moving to destroy what little safeguards we already have. VIDEO BELOW.

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Spicer is intentionally misrepresenting Kimmel’s comments. The talk show host was overtly defending Obamacare, and making a heartfelt argument against “repeal and replace.” If the Republicans manage to pass their abomination of a healthcare bill, millions will be left uninsured, and parents like Kimmel will be unable to save the lives of their children.

Not only do Republicans not care if people die, they lack the backbone to even admit it.

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