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US’s Largest Doctors Group Just Issued A Dire Warning About The New Trumpcare

US’s Largest Doctors Group Just Issued A Dire Warning About The New Trumpcare

As the Republicans prepare to ram their atrocious Trumpcare bill down the throats of the American public, the groups who actually understand the bill are coming out in strong opposition to it. The American Medical Association, the largest organization of physicians in the country, just issued a statement condemning the Republican repeal-and-replace bill.

President of the organization, Andrew W. Gurman M.D. explained their concerns:

“None of the legislative tweaks under consideration changes the serious harm to patients and the health care delivery system if AHCA passes. Proposed changes to the bill tinker at the edges without remedying the fundamental failing of the bill – that millions of Americans will lose their health insurance as a direct result of this proposal.”

The Republicans are scrambling to whip votes for the bill, which none of them seem too enthusiastic about. The bill does nothing to strengthen the successes of Obamacare, and takes away provisions that will weaken the healthcare system across the board. Republicans aren’t concerned about the content or the effect of Trumpcare, they just want to be able to say they passed something. Their headlong charge towards a meaningless “legislative victory” will destroy many Americans.

One of the biggest concerns with the bill is that Republicans could strip away the requirement that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions. One of the conceived alternatives the Republicans suggest is “high-risk pools.” Again, Gurman took them to task in his statement:

“High-risk pools are not a new idea. Prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, 35 states operated high-risk pools, and they were not panacea for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. The history of high-risk pools demonstrates that Americans with pre-existing conditions will be stuck in second-class health care coverage – if they are able to obtain coverage at all.”

Republicans seem to either fundamentally misunderstand how healthcare works, or simply not care. They should heed the advice of experts and abandon their disastrous bill, before it starts killing people.

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