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House Republicans Just Celebrated Stealing Healthcare From Millions In The Worst Way

House Republicans Just Celebrated Stealing Healthcare From Millions In The Worst Way

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House Republicans have just successfully passed the American Healthcare Act by one measly vote – and their reaction to the “victory” is beyond appalling.

This bill has had no Congressional Budget Office assessment and so nobody has any idea of what the effects will be; it’s clear from all the breaking stories about “little-noticed provisions” that few people have actually read what the text of the bill says.

Before the addition of the MacArthur Amendment and the Upton Amendments which placated both the moderates and the hardliners, the bill was projected to strip health insurance away from 24 million people.

Now that insurers aren’t obligated to cover people with existing conditions and employers are allowed to put a cap on payments for their workers, that number is going to increase exponentially.

But the “family values” Republicans in Congress – who included language in the bill to keep their own healthcare and the insurance plans of their staffers untouched by the ACHA – decided to toast the to suffering of the American people, on the National Day of Prayer, with cheap beer from a Belgian-owned company. So much for “buy American.”

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Paul Ryan’s frat-house dream may be coming true – but he’s soon going to find out that this dream turns into a nightmare when Democrats retake the government en masse in 2018.

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