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MLK’s Daughter Just Gave An Inspiring Response To Trumpcare’s Passing

MLK’s Daughter Just Gave An Inspiring Response To Trumpcare’s Passing

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The vast majority of the American people are in shock and disbelief right now as the House Republicans celebrate successfully passing a bill that would strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, shifts a trillion dollars from the poorest Americans to the wealthiest, and will lead to the deaths of as many as 43,000 people a year.

It is truly stunning to see a group of old rich white men cheer and laugh at the sick and the vulnerable, congratulating themselves for ensuring that the most vulnerable members of society will be unable to get the care that they need.

It is beyond infuriating to remember that those same old rich white men added in special language to protect their own healthcare from the devastating effects of the bill they just passed.

Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter, took to Twitter today to share some words of wisdom from herself and her father to help sooth the frustration and temper the rage we’re all feeling right now.

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Indeed, the dawn will come; the storm shall pass, and the skies will shine blue once again. We as a people must channel these emotional energies into productive action – supporting Democratic and progressive candidates in every district and opposing Trump and the Republican agenda at every turn.

And take heart; this fight isn’t over yet.

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