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Republicans Just Passed Trumpcare. Bush’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

Republicans Just Passed Trumpcare. Bush’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

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David Frum, George W. Bush’s speechwriter – and perhaps the furthest thing from a liberal commentator – took to Twitter today immediately after the House Republicans forced through Trumpcare:

The famous quote was uttered by the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto shortly after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Yamamoto’s foreboding comment was couched in his fears that although the attack was devastating, the American retaliation would be unimaginable. He proved to be right, as the Americans recovered and utterly destroyed the Empire of Japan.

Frum’s comparison is fitting. Although Republicans may have won the day by passing their bill that could kill millions of Americans, they have awakened a giant.  

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If this abominable bill becomes law, Republicans across the country will find themselves facing a huge upswell of voters across the country. Constituents who had been previously content to let Republicans run the government will take action as they see their loved ones dying under the new healthcare system.

Republicans may have won the battle against the American people, but the American people will win the war.

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