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Trump Just Returned To NYC For The First Time And Got What He Deserves

Trump Just Returned To NYC For The First Time And Got What He Deserves

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Today, Trump returned to New York City for the first time since he took office. Instead of a warm welcome he was met with furious protest. As he arrived in the city to give a speech in front of the decommissioned aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid,  the crowd chanted:

“New York hates you.”

It’s a catchy slogan. “NY Hates Trump” would looks just as good on a t-shirt as the famous “I love NY.”

Some took to Twitter to share the protest digitally:

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79% of New Yorkers voted for Clinton. She was a well-liked senator in the state, whereas Trump’s hateful and xenophobic rhetoric flies directly in the face of the city’s multicultural ethos.

On top of the clear mandate against him from the electorate, Trump has also already cost New York taxpayers over $41 million to protect Trump Tower. His wife Melania and son Barron have been living there instead of the White House, a sharp break from presidential norms.

For decades, Trump was NYC’s loudest, most obnoxious celebrity. New Yorkers may not have liked him, but they were forced to deal with him. Now the entire world has to deal with him.


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