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Trump’s Chief Of Staff Just Used A Football Metaphor To Praise Trump. It Ended In Disaster

Trump’s Chief Of Staff Just Used A Football Metaphor To Praise Trump. It Ended In Disaster

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Today, even as signs of their self-inflicted destruction became clear to observers, Republicans were taking victory laps. While all the celebrations were incredibly ill-advised, some were more foolish than others.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tried to brag about Trump’s prowess today with a metaphor that shows he both has no idea what he’s talking about and inadvertently revealed the truth.

The president stepped up and helped punt the ball into the end zone,” Priebus said. “We are lucky to have President Trump in charge.”

For those unfamiliar with American football, punting is what a team does when it gives up trying to score on a possession and forfeits the ball to the other team. Punting into the end zone gives the opponent the option to run the ball or take 20-yards uncontested (a touchback).

In other words, Priebus is praising Trump for helping Republicans give the ball to Democrats for a chance to score. This is not creative interpretation. The punting metaphor has been used in business and politics for years.

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Jen Mueller of Talk Sporty To Me wrote in 2013 that, “In business, when you ‘punt’ something you’re generally giving up on trying to find a solution or trying to execute a strategy and turning it over to someone else.

She offers this example, which may be a little too poignant:

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“According to analysts, Congress punted on the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal and failed to confront the nations growing debt problem.”

To Priebus’ credit, while he embarrassed himself, he did hit on the perfect strategy for the Trump regime. Give the up your possession.

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The only sensible thing to do is punt the ball to the Democrats and let them run with it. In analogies and, more importantly, governing in ways that benefit the American people, Democrats actually know what they’re doing. And the longer Republicans hold the ball, the more likely they are to hurt themselves and others.

Ok, Democrats, you heard the man. First and ten, and it’s your ball. Thank Trump.

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