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Ivanka Trump Just Celebrated Taking Away Healthcare From Millions Of Women

Ivanka Trump Just Celebrated Taking Away Healthcare From Millions Of Women

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Ivanka Trump may have declared herself to be an advocate for “women’s empowerment” and a “feminist” and a “moderating force” on the man who is accused of raping her mother, but when push comes to shove, she is an eager collaborator in her father’s war on women.

The “Trumpcare” bill that squeaked through the House of Representatives yesterday is a stunningly cruel document that specifically punishes women for the predatory actions of men.

Under the new legislation, insurance companies could deny or charge higher premiums to women for “pre-existing conditions” like treatment for psychological or physical trauma after suffering from sexual violence or domestic violence. Pregnancy, postpartum depression, and having had a C-section could also be considered pre-existing conditions.

The bill would also allow insurance companies to deny coverage to or charge outrageous premiums to women suffering from breast or ovarian cancer and to children born with birth defects. That’s all on top of the 24 million people who would lose their healthcare with the repeal of the ACA.

But that didn’t seem to bother the First Daughter, who happily posed for selfies with the rich white billionaires who formed our nation’s first official death panel.

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The closest thing to actually taking any kind of action at all by Ivanka Trump was the release of her newest book, Women Who Work, which has been universally derided by critics for being nothing but an empty collection of fauxspirational platitudes mixed with stunningly oblivious anecdotes that only serve to highlight how she is a product of obscene privilege and entirely out of touch with the real working women of America.

Ivanka is the worst kind of ersatz feminist; one who pretends to advocate for women’s rights and empowerments while actively reinforcing the misogynist patriarchy and helping to enable the systematic oppression and discrimination that American society offers its women.

“It is difficult to step away from businesses that I have worked so hard to build and that I believe in so fully, but the potential to improve the lives of countless women and girls has caused me to fundamentally consider where my work will do the greatest good” “writes” Ivanka in her “book.”

So far, a month into her White House job, she’s done nothing but promote herself and standing idly by, enjoying the perks of office and fiddling while her tyrannical father burns down the nation around her.

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