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Jason Chaffetz Just Went After President Obama For The Dumbest Reason Ever

Jason Chaffetz Just Went After President Obama For The Dumbest Reason Ever

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President Obama suffered unrelenting Republican attacks on his politics, his policies and his character while he was in office. Conservatives would use any excuse they could to undermine him, and it appears that even after his tenure finished he is still their favorite punching bag.

Republican weasel and Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has decided that he will be spending his remaining days in Congress attacking the former, rather than the current, President, who just congratulated himself for passing a health care bill that will lead to the needless deaths of thousands of Americans.

Chaffetz Tweeted:

The source of Chaffetz’s complaining is a recent speech delivered by Obama to Wall Street. The former President was paid $400,000 dollars, which he then donated to charity.

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Liberals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had a minor freak out, as they feared Obama was going down the well-trodden path of politicians cashing out after they’ve left office.

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There is also the fact that Wall Street traditionally represents the opposite to progressive politics.

But Republicans are freaking out for another reason, namely that an African-American managed to get paid nearly half a million dollars for a simple speech. Jealousy reigns supreme in the GOP, most of whom would struggle to be paid even a quarter of that sum.

Chaffetz has nothing better to do than make lots of noise before he leaves Congress. It’s likely that he realizes he is so loathed that he won’t be remembered or missed at all and is, therefore, trying to leave his mark. What a petty, childish mark it will be.

The fact that he couldn’t complain about the myriad of different pressing issues affecting American politics right now speaks volumes about his agenda and his character. How about Tweeting about a kleptocratic Presidency that arrived in office thanks to meddling by a hostile foreign nation?

Twitter, naturally, gave Chaffetz a rhetorical beating:

You know what, Jason Chaffetz? Why don’t we go after your pension, seeing as you didn’t do your damn job! Hypocrite.

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