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A New Site Just Found The BEST Way To Shame Republicans For Their Trumpcare Vote

A New Site Just Found The BEST Way To Shame Republicans For Their Trumpcare Vote

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Like the majority of Americans, college student Zoey Salsbury was appalled to see House Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare and rob 24 million Americans of their health coverage. The American University junior, who is covered thanks to an Obamacare provision allowing young people to stay on their parents’ policies, thought-up the perfect way to share Trumpcare’s real impact with the people who supported it.

Her new website,, helps people send their cremated bodies to a Republican Member of Congress in the event of their deaths.

If Trumpcare is signed into law, Salsbury told the Huffington Post, “People will literally die, and they don’t see that that’s going to happen.”

This would definitely get the message across.

The website allows visitors to sign up and provide a public statement as to “the reason why I will die.” Salsbury researched the guidelines for shipping remains, learning that federal law mandates that only the U.S. Postal Service may ship them.

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“Yes, it is real,” Salsbury said after a surge in traffic temporarily crashed the site.

While Salsbury is ready to go all the way with this macabre message, those who sign up will be free to change their minds at a later date. With a stiff Senate battle on the horizon and millions like Salsbury making their voices heard by Congress, hopefully there will be no need to follow through.

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If we keep fighting, the only remains Republicans will have to deal with are those of the disastrous Trumpcare bill.

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