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NY Times Just Caught Montana’s Republican Candidate In An Election-Changing Lie

NY Times Just Caught Montana’s Republican Candidate In An Election-Changing Lie

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The modern-day Republican Party is so shamelessly duplicitous they will say one thing to their voters and change their tune entirely when entertaining lobbyists behind closed doors.

That was made obvious last night when it was revealed that Greg Gianforte, the Republican running in Montana’s special election to fill the seat vacated by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, had told the public that he needed more time to reflect on whether or not he supported the enormously unpopular “Trumpcare” bill – but told lobbyists something else entirely. 

“Greg needs to know all the facts, because it’s important to know exactly what’s in the bill before he votes on it” said Gianforte’s spokesman to the public on Thursday.

But the New York Times has learned that during a private conference call with Washington lobbyists on the very same day, Gianforte said that he was “thankful” for the bill:

“The votes in the House are going to determine whether we get tax reform done, sounds like we just passed a health care thing, which I’m thankful for, sounds like we’re starting to repeal and replace.”

The “American Healthcare Act,” if it becomes law, will strip healthcare from 70,000 Montanans.

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Gianforte’s two-faced responses only serve to highlight how the political saurian is still oozing ichor from his lengthy submergence in the metaphorical Washington “swamp” of corruption.

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Gianforte is a New Jersey multimillionaire who made his money in the tech industry and has lived in Montana for the past 25 years. He made a failed run for the governor’s office in 2016 and is now making a run for Montana’s sole Representative job, backed by the Trump White House and the Koch Brothers.

Gianforte has recently come under fire for having nearly a quarter of a million dollars invested in index funds linked to the Russian government.

Opposing him is folk singer Robert Quist, who has been endorsed by populist champion Senator Bernie Sanders and has vowed to defend both the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood in Congress. His rising support has the GOP panicking and pouring millions of dark money dollars pour into Gianforte’s campaign as both Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump Jr. prepare to campaign on his behalf.

The election hasn’t even been held yet and already Gianforte’s being caught making back-room deals with his millionaire buddies in the Capitol. Such is the modern Republican; shameless liars who manipulate their constituents before selling them out before they even step on the plane.

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