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Trump Just Threw An Insecure Friday Evening Trumpcare Tantrum

Trump Just Threw An Insecure Friday Evening Trumpcare Tantrum

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Trump’s orange rind skin bruises easily. As more and more details of his malformed monster of a healthcare bill are released, commentators on both the right and left have taken to tearing it apart.

Trumpcare is crafted to kill the poor in order to provide tax cuts to the wealthy. But Trump, who cares about image above all else, wants to be congratulated for forcing the stillborn legislation through the House. The content doesn’t matter to him. Like a petulant child, he wants a pat on the back for simply doing something.

Unable to weather the perfectly fair, perfectly honest criticisms any longer, he took to Twitter to throw a tantrum:

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Trump calling it a “victory” is the only fake news involved in the discussion. The senate has already announced they’ll jettison the bill and start from scratch. Then it has to go back to the House. Then, when the House changes it, it has to go back to Senate. Then if the senate likes it, it will go to the Resolute desk for Trump to sign.

He’s also lying about the Affordable Care Act being on its last legs. Republicans have hampered it from being even more effective than it already is, but the solution is to add to it and refine whats works and move towards universal healthcare. Trump is doing the opposite, and taking a step backwards with his draconian health legislation.

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Not only is a healthcare victory for Trump far off, it’s nowhere in sight.

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