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“You & Trump Can Go To Hell!” A Principal Just Clashed With Abortion Protestors At School

“You & Trump Can Go To Hell!” A Principal Just Clashed With Abortion Protestors At School

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Two teenagers make the ill-advised decision to protest against abortion in front of STEM Academy, a science-based school in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Zachary Ruff, the assistant principal, confronted the protestors on school grounds, one of whom had a sign with an image of an aborted fetus. When Ruff asked the protestors to leave school grounds, they responded, “Sir, we’re actually exposing the holocaust that’s happening in America.”

Ruff, of course, flatly denied this unfounded claim, stating instead, “If you want to talk about a holocaust happening in America, go into an inner city, and talk to the poor and underprivileged.”

The protestors continued to spout religious platitudes about teen pregnancy and abortion in the United States.

Ruff explained, “We do not have a single pregnancy. I have been here for five years. Nobody is pregnant. Nobody has gotten an abortion,” raising issue with the purpose of the “protest” in the first place.

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The protestors, for their part, continued to press Ruff:

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“These children are being murdered in our society,” one of the protestors said, to which Ruff tersely replied, “They’re not children. They’re cells. You are at a science-based school.”

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“We live in a society,” the protestor explained, “that murders human beings—“

“Yeah,” Ruff retorted, “It’s called the death penalty. Why don’t you go protest that.”

“Sir, you need to turn to Jesus Christ.”

At this, Ruff faced them head-on. “Listen here, son: I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a f— what you think Jesus tells me.”

As the protestors continued lob their banal, theological talking points about Jesus and the Bible, Ruff lost his patience.

“Just because you choose to believe a book of fiction doesn’t mean I have to… This isn’t the time or the place to for you to harass innocent schoolchildren who have nothing to do with your twisted, perverted agenda… You and Trump can go to hell.”

As much as the Trump administration tries to bury their heads in the sand with regard to science, theological opinion will never trump scientific fact. Our government should celebrate scientific progress instead of emboldening evangelicals who seek to perpetuate information with no factual basis. Kudos to Zachary Ruff for defending science and the truth.

Watch the entire exchange below from The Washington Post:

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