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Putin’s “Trump” Just Lost In France. Bernie Sanders’ Response Is Classy

Putin’s “Trump” Just Lost In France. Bernie Sanders’ Response Is Classy

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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) congratulated the French people today for their choice in electing center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Senator Sanders did not explicitly make a comparison to the US elections, where Americans overwhelmingly voted against racism and xenophobia, only to be thwarted by an archaic electoral college system that forced the country to pretend that the pathetic loser of the popular vote is our legitimate leader, but the comparisons are obvious.


Marine LePen, the loser of the French election, was widely seen as Donald Trump’s favored candidate due to her opposition to immigration, hatred of Muslims, desire to leave the European Union, and neo-Nazi sympathies. Like Trump, she was also the beneficiary of a last-minute election hack against her opponent that was tied to the same Rusian hackers who tipped the balance of the election against Hillary Clinton by posting stolen DNC documents on Wikileaks.

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Fortunately, the Macron campaign, having witnessed the Russian interference in America’s electoral process, reportedly fed considerable misinformation to the hackers, making it impossible to tell which documents dumped on Wikileaks were genuine and which were faked.

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Luckily for France, they have no electoral college to thwart the will of the voters, so French citizens won’t have to deal with an outcome that violates their values and sense of decency.

Macron won with over 63% of the vote, with LePen garnering a little over 36%, ironically around the same number as President Trump’s latest fast-dropping popularity ratings in the polls.



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