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Trump’s Internal Plans To Smear Attorney General Sally Yates Just Leaked

Trump’s Internal Plans To Smear Attorney General Sally Yates Just Leaked

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After reports that the Trump administration was looking to smear her reputation in advance of her testimony in front of tomorrow’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing investigating Russian interference in the Presidential election, Twitter feeds exploded today with tweets featuring the hashtag  .

A report on details the White House strategy to counter Yates expected testimony regarding her warnings to top Administration officials that disgraced former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn had lied about the topics of his conversations with the ambassador from Russia.

According to Axios, the strategy includes:

  1. Brand Yates as a Democratic operative who was out to get Trump from the beginning and willing to torque the facts to advance her agenda;

  2. Put as much distance as possible between Flynn and the man whose side he rarely left during the campaign (which could be a tall order.)

  3. Portray Flynn, and no one else, as responsible for this mess.

Trump has been using every trick in his arsenal to turn attention away from the investigation into the collusion between his campaign and the Russian hackers who fed Hillary Clinton’s email and internal DNC correspondence to Wikileaks. Most recently he tried to blame the media for not investigating the Democrat’s dealings with Russia.

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Luckily, despite this level of pushback from the White House, the Twittersphere wasn’t going to let anyone disparage a patriotic public servant for doing her duty to tell the truth about treasonous behavior during the election.

Here’s a sample of some of the responses to Trump’s diversionary tactics:

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Check in with us tomorrow to get the details of Yates’ testimony and expect more lies from the Trump White House as they try to discredit her.

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