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Former CIA Chief Of Staff Just Revealed Michael Flynn’s Secret Russian Deal

Former CIA Chief Of Staff Just Revealed Michael Flynn’s Secret Russian Deal

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Michael Flynn is looking more and more like the torpedo that will sink the Trump Administration. Formerly Trump’s National Security Advisor, he was forced to resign in shame after details came out about his ongoing relationship with Russian ambassador and intelligence asset Sergey Kislyak. The official story is that Flynn lied to Vice President about the nature of his dealings with Kislyak. Whether this is true or just an effort to scapegoat Flynn to protect his superiors is still unclear.

Today, the Flynn situation got even worse for Trump. Jeremy Bash, a former Chief of Staff at the DOD and CIA, said that Flynn brokered backroom deals with Russia on behalf of Trump.  Bash summarized Flynn’s message to Ambassador Kislyak:

“Hey, don’t worry about these sanctions that are being imposed today, we got your back, we’re going to give you a pass for meddling in the 2016 election.”

The sanctions in question were imposed by President Obama after it was revealed that the Russians meddled in the U.S. election to defeat Hillary Clinton.


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Bash continued to say it’s unclear if the the Russians are still exerting influence over the Trump administration. What is clear is that Russia has chosen to completely ignore the sanctions. In fact it seems likely that they attempted to hack the French presidential election as well. Luckily, the failed in this instance.

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Russia’s cyberattacks on western democracies are one of the greatest threats to the free world today. If Trump was in fact complicit in them he doesn’t just deserve impeachment, he deserves jail time.

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