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NBC Just Destroyed Trump’s Obama-Flynn Lies With A New Revelation

NBC Just Destroyed Trump’s Obama-Flynn Lies With A New Revelation

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Earlier today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to blame the Obama administration for Trump’s decision to hire former general Michael Flynn as the National Security Advisor,  essentially saying that since Obama’s Pentagon gave him a security clearance they didn’t need to vet him – but now we know that’s nothing but the usual Spicer garbage since it turns out Flynn had no clearance when he was hired.

NBC News just revealed that disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was never given a security clearance by the CIA before he was fired from the White House.  

During his press conference today, Spicer told a reporter that:

“The question that you have to ask yourself really is if President Obama was truly concerned about General Flynn, why didn’t he suspend General Flynn’s security clearance which they had just re-approved months earlier? Additionally, why did the Obama administration let Flynn go to Russia for a paid speaking engagement and receive a fee? There were steps they could have taken if that was truly a concern more than just a person that had bad blood.”

It turns out his security clearance was suspended when he retired – and he never got it back.

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This is a truly staggering piece of information. This means that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence did not vet at all a man that they knew was in the pay of multiple foreign governments but hired him anyway even though he had no security clearance and gave him access to our nation’s most classified information.

The Trump Administration was then warned by Acting Attorney General Sally Yates that Flynn may be vulnerable to blackmail, for which she was fired a few days later. The Trump administration then hid the fact that they knew about Flynn’s foreign connections for nearly a month, continually allowing Flynn access to classified info the entire time.

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Congressional Republicans conducted an interminable witch-hunt into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, but are staying silent in the face of one of the most grievous mishandlings of classified information in the history of our republic.

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Trump and Pence’s willful disregard for proper handling of classified information and the elaborate cover-up they orchestrated is a crime far out of proportion to the admittedly poor decisions made by Clinton, but the partisan hypocrisy of the right-wing knows no bounds.

Watch Spicer here:

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