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NBC Just Revealed A HUGE Obama-Flynn Bombshell

NBC Just Revealed A HUGE Obama-Flynn Bombshell

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In a dramatic development, it has come to light today that President Obama personally warned President Donald Trump not to hire Flynn at a White House meeting last November.

Three former Obama administrators have told NBC News that the former President warned then President-Elect Trump less than 48 hours after he had won the election that Flynn was bad news.

It was during their conversation that Obama specifically and strongly warned Trump not to hire Flynn.

These reports were confirmed by a senior Trump administration official, who said President Obama had made clear he was “not a fan of Michael Flynn.” Another Trump official suggested that they thought Obama made the comment in jest.

These are damaging revelations, especially today, when former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is due to testify that Flynn misled the White House about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, and then she repeatedly and sternly warned the Trump administration about his activities.

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The Obama administration fired Flynn, who was then head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in 2014 after it emerged that his management of the agency was chaotic. Flynn’s temperament was also apparently a deciding factor.

It’s pretty ironic, and especially embarrassing, that, on a day when Trump Tweeted a message blaming Obama for the entire Flynn ordeal, it emerges that Trump was specifically told not to hire him.

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Trump was forced to accept Flynn’s resignation in February after it emerged that Flynn has misled Vice-President Mike Pence about his previous contacts with the Russian government, including the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak.

It also recently emerged that Flynn could be facing legal trouble after failing to disclose income he received for lobbying services from the Turkish Government. Flynn is seeking a legal immunity deal before he testifies in court. His attorney has said that he “certainly has a story to tell.”

Mike Flynn is a traitor who acted in the interests of hostile foreign powers while a member of Trump’s inner circle. It comes as no surprise that the Obama Administration were on to him, and even less of a surprise that Trump decided to ignore Obama’s advice.

At what point will this childish President stop and realize that his quest to destroy Obama’s legacy and ignore his sage advice is damaging our country?

The Trump administration’s cover story for the Flynn fiasco starting to unravel quickly. Keep an eye out for Sally Yates’ testimony later today. It will no doubt provide yet more proof that this current President is criminally incompetent.


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