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This Republican Just Tried To Scold Sally Yates For Defying Trump. Her Response Is Perfect

This Republican Just Tried To Scold Sally Yates For Defying Trump. Her Response Is Perfect

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Former Attorney General Sally Yates appeared before the senate today to testify on Trump’s Russia connections. What should have been a bipartisan effort to get to the truth quickly detoured into Republican hack partisanship.

Republican Senator John Cornyn interrogated Yates over her refusal to enforce Trump’s Muslim Ban Executive Order. She quickly swatted down his transparent politicking:

Cornyn tried to misrepresent Yates’s words immediately after she said them. In an effort to score cheap points with the Trump administration, the senator embarrassed himself on live television.

Like most of the Republicans in the committee – and in the media and across Congress, for that matter – he seemed more concerned about the leaks that ultimately revealed Michael Flynn had been compromised and was vulnerable to blackmailing by the Russians, than the fact that Michael Flynn had been compromised in the first place. Yates had no patience for his nonsense, and quickly set him straight.

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As for the Muslim Ban, Yates acted in the best interest of the American people by refusing Trump’s executive order. It was a flagrant violation of the Constitution, as many courts have since ruled. She has consistently demonstrated a courage and dignity that John Cornyn so clearly lacks. We need more government officials like her, and fewer like him.

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