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Bill O’Reilly’s Ex-Wife Just Revealed A Disturbing Sexual Encounter With Him

Bill O’Reilly’s Ex-Wife Just Revealed A Disturbing Sexual Encounter With Him

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Jezebel has just unearthed a terrifying story about how disgraced sexual predator Bill O’Reilly attacked his wife after he was discovered having phone sex.

In December 2009, O’Reilly’s ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy O’Reilly described in a sworn affidavit how she walked in on him having phone sex and masturbating furiously. O’Reilly became enraged and threw her against the wall, leaving a hole “one foot wide” before proceeding to wrap “his arms around her shoulders, neck, and hands to immobilize her, and violently dragged her out of the bedroom and down a hallway.”

Still naked from the waist down, he then pulled her by the neck down the stairs, where he was met by one of his security guards and halted the assault. McPhilmy O’Reilly chose not to press charges at the time.

We believe these are the details from the incident that caused O’Reilly to lose custody of his children.

Bill O’Reilly was recently fired from FOX News after it came to light that he had sexually harassed at least six women and likely dozens more in the two decades he worked at FOX News.

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After spending a staggering $13 million dollars to silence the multitude of women who accused FOX’s star pundit of sexual harassment, FOX finally bowed in response to an advertiser boycott – not public outrage.

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This is the kind of behavior that the “family values” network of conservative propaganda enabled and help cover up for years upon years.

h/t to J.K. Trotter @ Jezebel

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