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CNN Just Analyzed Trump’s Sally Yates Tweets And The Results Are Scary

CNN Just Analyzed Trump’s Sally Yates Tweets And The Results Are Scary

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President Trump took to Twitter yesterday evening to share his anger and frustration with the Senate hearing at which former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Yates revealed she had warned the White House several times that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was compromised by foreign powers. ‘

CNN fact-checked Trump’s furious tweetstorm, and the results speak volumes.

What they found was that “not one of his tweets was entirely accurate.”

“The quartet of tweets is also a window into how Trump hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest,” reported CNN. “He creates his own reality for himself and his followers.”

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Consider what CNN said about one of his most damning tweets, about Yates testimony.

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CNN’s analysis: “This one is way off the mark. It is ‘old news’ that Yates met with White House Counsel Don McGahn on January 26 to discuss Flynn’s problems. But what’s new is that she told McGahn on that day – and in follow-up meeting the next day – that not only was Flynn lying to members of the presidential transition about his contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak but also that she had reason to believe he had been compromised by the Russians and was a potential blackmail target.”

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Trump posted one of his tweets on his Facebook page header, although after it was mocked online, it was removed. Here is the tweet and his page:

That then was photoshopped onto his Facebook header:

CNN reported, “This is not entirely accurate. What Clapper said was not that he could definitely rule out collusion between elements of the Trump campaign and the Russians but rather that he was unaware of evidence suggesting there was any.”

CNN added that “broadly speaking…there is ‘no evidence’ that has been released publically of collusion between anyone in his campaign and the Russians. But that’s not what Clapper said on Monday.”

“The common strain through all four tweets is, of course, the ‘fake news’ media who Trump accuses of shaping the story to fit its own agenda rather than the facts,” concludes CNN. “But the media had nothing to do with what we learned Monday.”

“Those are the facts,” adds CNN. “If Trump and his administration believe that accounting to be either untrue or only a partial telling of what actually happened, they owe it to taxpayers to come forward and say why – and how.

“Simply tweeting out a selective reading of a hearing and bashing the media,” adds CNN, “doesn’t help us figure out what exactly happened here and how we can prevent it from happening again.”

CNN was being kind compared to the mocking Trump got from fellow Twitter users.

This was only a beginning.

While Trump’s tweet tantrum is embarrassing and inappropriate for a president, a former CIA advisor makes the case they are also dangerous. Tom Nichols, a professor at the Naval War College and an expert in Soviet/Russian activities, in a series of his own tweets said that Trump is revealing how “the President reacts under stress,” which he said is “something you never want the enemy to know.”

Whether it is ego, madness or an inability to act presidential, once again Trump’s tweets show that he lives in his own imagined reality, and that is very dangerous for the rest of us. Putting the nuclear codes in the hands of someone who eschews facts and creates his own mythology minute by minute is scarier than any foreign dictator’s threats.





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