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NBC Just Uncovered Trump’s Real Motive For Firing FBI Director Comey

NBC Just Uncovered Trump’s Real Motive For Firing FBI Director Comey

Earlier this evening, President Trump, on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, fired FBI Director James Comey, who is currently overseeing the investigation into Trump’s team and their potentially treasonous collusion with agents of the Russian Federation.

The parallels to Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” are obvious.¬†Coming just days after the latest round of congressional hearings into the Trump-Russia affair, the move is an obvious attempt to derail the investigation – and NBC’s Ken Dilanian has confirmed as much.

Now that Comey is out, Trump is free to appoint anybody he chooses, and all that stands between the closing of the FBI’s Russia investigation is a 51-vote confirmation margin in the Senate.

This move makes the need for an independent investigation and a special prosecutor ever more urgent. Even Republicans like Sen. John McCain are joining Democrats in the call. Every move that Trump makes to try to cover-up his crimes just digs him into a deeper hole, and Comey’s firing is nothing less than a klaxon of guilt.

Colin Taylor
Opinion columnist and former editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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