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Trump’s Press Secretary Just Attacked Sally Yates’ With A Despicable Lie

Trump’s Press Secretary Just Attacked Sally Yates’ With A Despicable Lie

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer brazenly lied to the media today in an attempt to brush aside yesterday’s testimony of former Acting Attorney Sally Yates, which showed that President Trump and his team were warned of the illicit connections between former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russia. (Video below.)

Spicer called Yates a “political opponent of the President” and said she was “appointed by the Obama Administration and a strong supporter of Clinton.”

The truth is that when Yates was brought into the Justice Department in 1989 by the Administration of George H.W. Bush when Barack Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review. She was hired by then U.S. Attorney Bob Barr who would later become the ultra-conservative Representative of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. Over the next three decades, Yates was promoted by the Administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and ultimately, Donald Trump.

Spicer, however, did not let the facts get in the way of his accusations.

While there is no evidence that Yates supported Clinton, the press secretary claimed that, because it was “widely rumored” that Yates had hoped for a job in a Hillary Clinton Administration, Trump’s decisions to dismiss her warnings and keep her in the dark about the roll out of the first Muslim ban were “vindicated.”

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Sally Yates’ career and motives could not be clearer. She has served presidents of both parties with distinction and has a clear track record of working for equal justice under the law. That Trump and Spicer are actively trying to intimidate her and malign the reputation  of a true public servant is nothing short of disgraceful.

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The entire briefing can be viewed below. Spicer’s deceitful remarks about Yates begin at the 1:38:20 mark.

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