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Trump’s Team Just Celebrated His 6-Month Election Anniversary In The Worst Way

Trump’s Team Just Celebrated His 6-Month Election Anniversary In The Worst Way

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A hundred and some days into his presidency, Trump’s biggest claim to fame is still just winning the election itself. The man is obsessed with his electoral college victory, taking every possible opportunity to brag about it while the nation grows impatient for him to do something productive with his lofty position besides golf and sign executive orders that get immediately shot down by the courts.

Trump’s team has decided to celebrate the six-month anniversary of Trump’s electoral college victory in the most pathetically spiteful way possible.

Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media director, tweeted out a screencap of Hillary Clinton’s conceding call in the early hours of November 9th, promising to follow up with a video of Trump receiving Clinton’s call in order to really rub it in the faces of the American people.

It’s hard to imagine any other politician doing so enormously petty, and it speaks volumes about the vindictiveness of the Trump team and just how deeply the President is obsessed with reminding everyone that he won the election and his desperate efforts trying to promote a false perception of success since then.

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Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager and current advisor, piled on:

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Judging from the fact that Trump was busted handing out campaign electoral victory maps to reporters and begging the Washington Post to put it on the front page, it’s clear he’s the only one who isn’t able to move on.

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Winning the election was just the beginning; now that he’s actually expected to follow through on his outrageous promises, Trump is scrambling to hide the fact that he’s failed at nearly every turn.

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