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The Daily Show Just Gave The BEST Response To Trump’s Comey Firing

The Daily Show Just Gave The BEST Response To Trump’s Comey Firing

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“You can’t just fire the FBI director,” Trevor Noah said on the Daily Show at the beginning of tonight’s segment on President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. “If he’s gone, who’s gonna investigate Russia’s ties to ohhhhhh…”

Noah trailed off in mock bewilderment as the crowd roared with laughter.

When the host regained his bearings, he said that while he has compared Trump to African dictators in the past, “Right now, even Africans are watching this going, ‘yo yo yo yo yo,’ they’re like, ‘Donald Trump does not f*ck around, eh?!’

The host was just getting started, then delving into the reasons Trump gave for firing Comey, the mishandling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which Noah called “the most gangster excuse.

“Basically, Trump said, ‘I’m doing this to clear my good friend, crooked Hillary!” he said.

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The audience rolled in the aisles. Even for Noah, who has been on fire lately, this is a grade-A skewering our dictator-in-chief.


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